How do you extend electrical outlets to be flush with glass tile backsplash.?

January 15th, 2011 by admin Leave a reply »

I am installing a mosaic glass tile backsplash in my kitche. There are 3 electrical outlets along with 1 light switch that I need to tile around. I am looking on how to extend the outlets out so they are flush with the tile once the backsplash is completed so the face plates fit on. Any ides?



  1. boy boy says:

    normally you remove fixing screws ..then tile around the boxes …up to the boxes ..then refix front with longer fixing screws available from any electrical retailer

  2. woodtick314 says:

    Depends on how deep the box is right now. If you are adding no more then 1/2″ or so, turn the breaker off, remove the receptacles and switch, tile up to the opening in the box, then reinstall them. The ears on the receptacles should keep it flush with the surface, and the screws should be long enough to reach the holes in the box. If your tile will be deeper than that, you can get an extension ring from your local home center or electrical supply house. Screw that to the existing, then install the receptacles and switch. Hope this helps.

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